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Defining your ideal customer

Defining your ideal customer

Defining your ideal customer is a crucial step in developing a successful business strategy and marketing plan. It helps you target your efforts more effectively and ensures you’re attracting the right audience.

According to Forbes, the number 2 reason “Reasons why small businesses fail” is a lack of niche or target audience

“If you try to make your business attractive to everyone, it will end up being attractive to no one.”

Here are the steps to define your ideal customer:

Sure thing! Defining your ideal customer is like finding your best buddy in the business world. Here’s how you can do it, all chill and casual:

  1. Know Your Audience: First, take a look at the people who already love what you’re offering. Who’s buying your stuff or using your services? Your current audience can give you some serious clues.
  2. Break It Down: Start by thinking about what makes this audience tick. How old are they? Where do they hang out? What’s their gig? Are they busy city business entrepreneurs or small-town mom-and-pop businesses?
  3. Get Personal: It’s all about getting up close and personal. Create a few imaginary friends (not literally 🤪). Imagine your perfect customer. Give them a name, age, hobbies, and problems they need solving. These are your customer personas.
  4. Find Common Ground: Look for stuff that your dream customers have in common. It could be their interests, goals, or even their pet peeves. Find the threads that tie them together.
  5. What’s the Buzz?: Dive into what they need and want. What keeps them up at night? What kind of solutions are they looking for? This is where your business can swoop in and be their superhero.
  6. You’re the Hero: Figure out what makes your business stand out. Why would your dream customers choose you over others? This is your superpower – your Unique Selling Point (USP).
  7. Map the Journey: Think about how your ideal customers go from hearing about you to becoming loyal fans. What steps do they take? This is like their adventure map, and you’re their guide.
  8. Talk to Them: Ask your current customers what they think. Send out surveys, chat with them, or check out their reviews. It’s like getting inside their heads (in a non-creepy way, of course).
  9. Spy on the Competition: Take a peek at what your rivals are up to. Who are they attracting? Are there any unsatisfied customers they missed? This is like finding hidden treasures.
  10. Test the Waters: Start with your best guess about who your ideal customers are. Then, try out your marketing ideas. Keep an eye on the results and adjust your strategy as needed. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.
  11. Stay Fresh: Remember, things change. Customer tastes, trends, and your business – they all evolve. So, keep updating your ideal customer profiles to stay on point.
  12. Speak Their Language: When you’re marketing, talk to your ideal customers like they’re your buddies. Use their lingo and let them know you get what they’re about.
  13. Measure: Track your progress and see how well you’re reaching and connecting with your ideal customers. Adjust your moves based on the feedback you get.

In a nutshell, defining your ideal customer is like finding your tribe in the business world. Keep it real, stay flexible, and watch your business bloom! And if you need help defining your audience – or are not sure where to begin defining your ideal customer, drop us a line 😎✌️



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