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Establishing Brand Identity

example of brand identity

One of the biggest misconceptions in marketing is thinking that your logo is your brand identity.  The subject of branding identity and branding design can be confusing and you can find numerous articles and books about all the aspects of branding, but to clarify this subject in its simplest form here are our favorite explanations:

What is Brand Design – this is the perception or emotion feel a corporate image evokes as a whole. Example: Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop – gives you the feel or perception that her products are high-end modern lifestyle vibe.

What is Brand Identity – this is the supporting visual aspect that forms part of the overall brand. Example: Goops visuals such as print and digital show clean, bright lifestyle photography or packaging that support the high-end feel. You know you are not shopping in a common retail store.

What is a Logo – this is a mark or icon that identifies a business

Our first challenge with this nonprofit was to develop a brand design. With no particular design to represent who they were, we started to ask important questions to help define their audience and their intentions for the organization. These conversations began to take a visual sense of the feel/color as well as the font usage,  and an integral aspect of their brand design began to take shape.

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If you’re struggling with your brand identity we are ready to help walk you through and ensure your visuals and messaging align.


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