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Facebook Likes Vs Follows

Facebook Likes Vs Follows Explained

Do you know the difference between a Facebook Like vs Facebook Follow?

A Facebook Like and a Following are two distinct actions on the Facebook platform with different implications.

Facebook Like: When you come across a post, photo, or page on Facebook, you have the option to “Like” it. Liking something indicates that you appreciate or show interest in the post content. It’s a simple way to acknowledge and interact with posts or pages that you find appealing or want to express support for. When you like a post, it usually appears in your activity log and may be visible to your friends or followers, depending on your privacy settings. The primary purpose of the Like button is to engage with content and provide feedback to the creator or poster.


Following: Following someone on Facebook means subscribing to their updates, posts, and activities. When you follow someone, their content will appear in your News Feed, allowing you to stay up to date with their posts, photos, videos, and other updates. You will receive notifications about their activity, including when they create a new post or event. Following is typically associated with individual profiles, public figures, businesses, or organizations. It enables you to see a continuous stream of updates from the accounts you follow, even if you are not friends with them.


The key distinction between a Like and a Following is that a Like is a one-time action indicating your approval or interest in a specific post or page, while Following establishes an ongoing connection with an account or page, ensuring you receive their updates regularly in your News Feed. Liking is a way to interact with individual posts, while Following is more about connecting with the creator or poster to receive future updates.

Beware of Facebook Engagement Baiting

If you’ve joined Facebook groups to promote your business, you may have come across posts asking for “Follows” or “Asking for Likes in exchange for a Like” or to comment or share your business link.

This is called Engagement Bait and it is a tactic that urges users to interact with Facebook posts by liking, sharing, commenting, and other actions in order to boost engagement and get greater reach without really sharing any content.  By liking these bait posts all that is happening is you are contributing to that person’s post traffic and you probably aren’t receiving a like back. Facebook is working on identifying and demoting these types of posts. Find out more about engagement baiting here.

To grow your page and gain followers you have to share content that is relatable to your audience. Facebook encourages businesses to use their platform to foster authentic engagements by posting relevant content that creates real followings.


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