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Features you should consider when planning a website

features when planning a website

When planning for a website, there are several essential features to consider to ensure its success. Apart from the basic elements of a user-friendly design, straightforward navigation, and clear calls to action, when planning ask yourself these important questions:

• What does my website need to do?
• What will make my website more functional for my visitors?
• How or what feature will I have to implement to generate more traffic or leads?
• Will this feature improve my customer’s experience?
• Will this feature assist with the operations of my business?

Here are some features to consider:

E-Commerce + shopping cart

If you’re selling a product, service, or digital goods – there are many options to help facilitate your sales. Most “e-commerce” software today integrates with order fulfillment and shipping workflows. The implementation of e-commerce software will require high-quality images of your products and of course product information like size, color, weight, etc.

Blog posts and content

Generating content helps create awareness for your website. Having a blog is a place where you can provide resources, videos, podcasts, and examples, to share your valuable content via social media or e-newsletters. The content you post about and share helps bring people to your website

Booking or appointment scheduler

If your business is dependent on bookings or appointments – having an appointment scheduling feature is a great resource to collect leads and information about your clients. Appointment-based services like vets, salons, massage, etc allow clients to book easily and can integrate with your CRM tools and calendars. Another reason to integrate this feature is it’s a great way to track sales activities and begin to segment your CRM list and cater specific information to their interests.

Custom Forms

Having forms customized to your specific business needs and getting the questions you need answered upfront is also a key feature for your website. There are so many types of forms and sometimes different sections of your website will require a custom form such as:

  • Custom Quote
  • Contact
  • Payment
  • Subscription
  • Lead Capture
  • Contest entry
  • and so much more

and it’s always easy to have them integrate with your e-newsletter platform or CRM.

Chat System

If your client is visiting your website, having a chat feature is a great way to get basic information. Some chat modules allow you to configure responses to commonly asked questions. However, be prepared to have someone ready to respond to any chat inquiry as users expect an immediate response with this type of format.

Lead Capture

Lead capture forms are a great feature to generate new leads and increase your e-newsletter list. Offering your website visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information not only ensures gaining an email address, but also gives you the opportunity to nurture those leads by continuing to send relevant information. What is something of value? Depends on your business and the needs of your customer, however, offering special discount codes, e-book guides, or some sort of course are things of value – think of something that your customers could benefit from.

Newsletter Sign Up

If you create useful, high-quality content for your audience, they will want more. Your expertise and guidance on a particular subject matter will draw in subscribers looking for more information, so integrating an e-newsletter subscription form is a feature you will want.


Ready to Help

These features we mention, and so many more are all things to think about at the planning stage of a website. We are here to help at every step, helping you develop the right tactics and achieve your goals.


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