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New Year, New Goals

Marketing New Year, New Goals

As 2021 comes to an end, we look forward to new year goals. As a small business, this is a good time to review your marketing and make sure it aligns with your goals. If you got side-tracked on some of your goals or you are beginning to think about what you would like to do for the new year approaching, here are a few things to think about…

What steps do you have in place to help build an email list and why is it important?
An email list is usually comprised of names and email addresses of people that have given your business permission to contact them about updates and promotions. If they have opted in, they are obviously interested in your business or product. Are you aware that email campaigns get 10 times higher conversions than other types of campaigns. This is because email is personal – goes right into the user’s inbox, it’s targeted with the specific info you want to give your users. It is very one-on-one. This is why it is very important to start building a list of your current and new client base. Not sure where to begin – contact us today and we can help.

Is your website updated with accurate information about your services?
In today’s digital landscape, having a website is the face to your business. If potential clients are looking for your business or product and hear of your business – what will they find on your site once they get there? Is it current? Contact information accurate? Are you using something to build that all important email list? Does it have an SSL certificate for privacy and security?

Is your website mobile friendly, is it easy to navigate on devices?
What does your website look like on mobile device? According to Oberlo statistics, as of November 2021 almost 47% of total web visits are currently made via mobile devices. If your website is slow or not loading correctly on a mobile device – you need to make sure that is a 2022 goal!

Have you created any social media following and reaching your audience?
Social media is here to stay and just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a following. First rule: set goals that make sense for your business. You don’t need to use every social platform and post endless, meaningless information. Take time to research your target audience. Create and curate content that will appeal to your specific audience. Most importantly, assess what’s working and what isn’t to keep improving.

Are you leveraging anything like a Google review page or customer testimonials?
97% of consumers read or research online reviews for local business. Reviews or testimonials are the “word-of-mouth” advertisement of a business. In today’s landscape your online reputation is something that can make or break a company. Reviews matter for SEO as well. Google trusts consumer reviews to be an accurate depiction of their experience so it is a great value to leverage your client testimonials and implement some sort of review page.

We are here to help with any of these insights to help your 2022 marketing goals.

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