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WordPress Hosting – How to Select the Best One For Your Website

Wordpress Hosting - How to Select the Best One For Your Website

With so many options for WordPress hosting on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. One pitfall for small business owners is when they come across hosting packages that include DIY builders — these offer cookie-cutter templates to build a website…and often with quite a bit of limitation.

There are dozens of hosting platforms available, however, there are only two main types of systems, and we will try to outline each system here:

WordPress Content Management System


  • You can source out your own hosting provider and can transfer your website anywhere if you do not like where you are or find better pricing.
  • Learning curve. You probably need an experienced WordPress developer to help set things up.
  • Maintenance required. You or your website manager must keep everything updated. Similar to car maintenance – but not as costly!
  • Once built and paid, you own it. Paying someone to build it properly can be a big upfront cost, but it’s yours. Similar to your car is paid in full and you get the title.
  • It’s open source, which means no limitations. The sky is the limit.
  • You have full access to everything.
  • WordPress itself does not offer support, but there are tons of tutorials available and it’s easy to find a developer/agency.

DIY Website Builder System
(Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Godaddy, Shopify, Google Sites)

  • Hosting is included, but you cannot change host providers.
  • Can usually build yourself with no help.
  • No maintenance is required. Everything stays updated.
  • You pay monthly/yearly and never own. You are renting the site. For what you’ll pay over a year or two, you could have a WordPress Content Management System site that you own.
  • If you decide to leave the platform, you cannot take your website with you. You lose it. It’s gone forever.
  • Quite a bit of limitation on design, colors, and functionality.
  • You do not have full access because the site is on their platform.
  • Most offer support however, you’ll wait on hold on the phone or have to submit a support ticket. You usually do not have a dedicated account manager.

A few things to think also consider when choosing a hosting company.

Speed – what is the server load speed (should be under 300ms)
Uptime – a reliable hosting service will have at least 99% availability
Customer Service – for help with WordPress related questions
Scalability – The hosting service plan should be flexible to work with your business size and type

The flexibility to have your website grow as your business grows is why we build websites on a WordPress Content Management System. We customize the design to speak to your audience while providing your visitors with clear information about your business, all while helping you build leads and traffic.

If you need help with hosting or a website build, we are ready to help. Click here to get started!


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